Saints’ Heritage Society Newsletter – Summer 2011

Saints� Heritage Society Newsletter � Summer 2011

Winds of Change

We are currently in what can only be described as an unusual chapter in the club�s history, with the one-season sojourn at Widnes before moving into the magnificent new stadium at Peasley Cross. Knowsley Road is virtually no more and we will endeavour to provide images of the demolition, together with the different stages of construction of the new ground in the near future. So far the new build is proceeding at a rapid pace and we all look forward to its completion in the Autumn. Incidentally, the decision to call the former stadium site Cunningham Grange has seemingly been greeted with wholesale approval.

Programme Fayre

A Rugby League Collector�s Fayre will be held at the Black Bull in Knowsley Road on Saturday 4th June. This will, as usual, feature an auction at the end of the Fayre itself. The catalogue can be viewed at

A St. Helens versus New Zealand programme from 1907-08 is one of the top items for this year�s auction and should generate much interest, particularly with local collectors! The Saints� Heritage Society�s stall will be there as usual and will have a varied assortment of rugby league memorabilia for sale, including books, programmes and jerseys. There will also be a limited edition print of the Knowsley Road ground under demolition, entitled �Last Hours of the Red Vee�. It should be noted that all proceeds from this stall will go towards the Academy�s Australian Tour Fund, with the full blessing of the parent club.

Saints Exhibition

Plans are also being drawn up for an exhibition about the Saints at the World of Glass in the autumn. Entitled �Oh when the Saints� from Saturday 17th September - Sunday 13th November 2011. This is an exhibition telling the story of St. Helens Rugby League Club and will showcase objects from the past and the present as well as plans for the future. If you are a loyal St. Helens supporter, this exhibition is not to be missed! Further details will be released nearer the time. For the moment, a case of watch this space!

Ade Gardner Testimonial

It seems like only yesterday that a young Ade Gardner signed from Barrow and initially had �digs� in the Royal Alfred! He is currently at the start of a well-deserved Testimonial and fans are urged to look out for planned events and support this very popular player.

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