Keiron is the 500th

Keiron’s in that number!
It seemed quite fitting that the 500th Saints’ player to receive his Heritage Number Certificate and brochure was the one-and-only Keiron Cunningham. Saints’ Heritage Society members Alex Service and Adrian Lawrenson delivered the certificate to our very own rugby league legend at his electrical wholesale business at Chalon Way Industrial Park, [MK Electrical Supplies Ltd] a thriving concern which he began over 18 months ago with long-time friend Mark Daverin.
After virtually a lifetime involvement with his local team, as player and coach, Keiron is now thoroughly enjoying his new venture, although he is more than willing to talk about rugby league – and Saints in particular. “It seems a long time ago when I made my debut at Wilderspool, which certainly was one of the most intimidating places you could think of,” he recalls. “It wasn’t long into the game before they carried [Captain] Shane Cooper off the field and I wondered to myself ‘what the heck have I let myself in for here?’ It certainly was a tough baptism. They were a really tough team – especially the forwards.”
After 496 appearances in the red vee, when he won every team honour, Keiron was proud to receive his certificate [#1052]. His last game, of course, was a Grand final [2010] but that first match, on 24th August 1994 was a real learning curve, when he packed down with his fellow front-rowers Jon Neill and Adam Fogerty – and the Saints finished on the end of a 10-31 loss! The statue at the Totally Wicked Stadium shows that it was merely a temporary blip, however and as we all know, sporting greatness ensued.
If you are a former Saints’ first team player, or the ‘nearest and dearest’ of a former deceased player who played in a competitive match and want to claim your Heritage Number Certificate, please feel free to contact us at
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