Steve Morris


Cross Keys RUFC
14-09-1946 v Leigh
Workington Town
26 (0)


Steve Morris by Alex Service

One of the first Welsh post-war signings, Steve Morris was a scrum-half signed from the Cross Keys club in Wales. His Uncle, also named Steve was a famous Rugby Union forward just after the First World War.

In the St. Helens Reporter on 30th July 1946, Recorder wrote the following about the new Saints’ signing:

“I understand the deputation that went down to see him was led by Mr. Rex Winter and included Mr. Harry Tomlinson and Mr AE Owen. They found him a well set up young fellow, of good physique and looking a good type. He was very highly recommended to the club by good judges on the spot. He is, I believe, a mine worker by trade and there would be no difficulty whatever in fixing him up in this area, particularly under the recent decision to close the essential works order in the mining industry. This is the first capture. I understand he has not been capped but his club is of good standing and has provided good men for other rugby league clubs in pre-war seasons”.

The renowned sporting journalist Premier wrote in encouraging terms of his first sighting of Morris during the first Public Practice Match of the new season:

“Morris the new scrum half had a go in the second half. Everything he does, he does nicely and with a little experience, he may become a very good player. The first essential in a scrum half is his, he passes well. He can turn then pass back with a turn of the body, changing the direction of the attack. He has good hands. He tackles well.”

Steve played 26 matches for the Saints, his last being the game against Workington on 31st January 1948, when the Saints were subjected to a 20-0 reversal. Steve found it difficult to get into the side following the introduction of Constance at stand-off and Frank Beesley at scrum-half.

In 2018 we were contacted by Steve`s grandson, Stephen Ryan, who forwarded the excellent photo of Steve. He informed us that Steve moved back to Cwmcarn after his time with the Saints. Steve passed away in December 1979, aged 57, leaving a wife and two daughters. The additional photos included an image of a commemorative glass which Steve received after playing against the Kiwis in 1947. Another gem is the action photo of the forementioned game with Saints desperately defending their line against New Zealand. You will observe the Kiwis attacking the end where the Edington Stand would be erected four years later. Furthermore there is a team photo featuring Steve Morris. Once again thanks to Stephen Ryan for supplying the images and further details about his grandfather.


Season (Official Matches)TriesGoalsDGoalsMatches
1946~471 0 0 15
1947~48 2 0 0 11
TOTALS:3 0 0 26
Season (Other Matches)TriesGoalsDGoalsMatches


14th Sep 1946 L 7 Leigh LC1(2) 1946~47 A 4 17 VIEW
21st Sep 1946 L 7 Widnes L 1946~47 A 10 17 VIEW
18th Jan 1947 W 7 Featherstone Rovers L 1946~47 A 11 7 VIEW
25th Jan 1947 W 7 Hull K.R. L 1946~47 H 29 16 VIEW
8th Mar 1947 W 7 Keighley CC1(1) 1946~47 H 17 7 VIEW
11th Mar 1947 L 7 Keighley CC1(2) 1946~47 N 5 8 VIEW
22nd Mar 1947 L 7 Warrington CC2 1946~47 A 2 24 VIEW
19th Apr 1947 L 7 Workington Town L 1946~47 A 2 13 VIEW
26th Apr 1947 W 7 Swinton L 1946~47 A 15 6 VIEW
6th May 1947 L 7 Rochdale Hornets L 1946~47 A 5 7 1 VIEW
10th May 1947 W 7 Bramley L 1946~47 H 29 0 VIEW
24th May 1947 L 7 Barrow L 1946~47 A 9 15 VIEW
26th May 1947 L 7 Halifax L 1946~47 A 9 10 VIEW
31st May 1947 W 7 Barrow L 1946~47 H 36 7 VIEW
7th Jun 1947 W 7 Rochdale Hornets L 1946~47 H 26 4 VIEW
23rd Aug 1947 L 7 Widnes L 1947~48 A 8 9 VIEW
4th Sep 1947 W 7 Leigh LC1(2) 1947~48 H 31 5 VIEW
6th Sep 1947 W 7 Salford L 1947~48 A 12 5 VIEW
13th Sep 1947 W 6 Oldham L 1947~48 H 16 2 VIEW
20th Sep 1947 W 7 York L 1947~48 A 31 3 VIEW
25th Sep 1947 L 7 New Zealand Tour 1947~48 H 5 11 VIEW
29th Sep 1947 L 7 Wigan LC2 1947~48 H 7 8 VIEW
4th Oct 1947 W 7 Swinton L 1947~48 H 24 3 1 VIEW
11th Oct 1947 L 7 Wakefield Trinity L 1947~48 A 7 10 1 VIEW
6th Dec 1947 D 7 Hunslet L 1947~48 H 13 13 VIEW
31st Jan 1948 L 6 Workington Town L 1947~48 A 0 20 VIEW
*Unofficial Match. **Non Playing Sub.