Percy Landsberg


07-11-1959 v Liverpool City
1960- Soccer in S.Africa
22 (0)


Percy Landsberg by Alex Service

In the late 1950s the St.Helens club began to look at South African Rugby Union as a source of recruiting future talent. They hit pure gold with Tom van Vollenhoven and signed Jan Prinsloo shortly after. Their third venture was to snare Percy Landsberg to a professional contract at Knowsley Road. It was a very cloak and dagger operation in those days. If a player was found to be dealing with the professional code, they were dealt with very harshly indeed. On 29th September, the Saints Secretary Basil Lowe received a letter from the South African Go Between regarding Percy Landsberg. In the opening paragraphs, Basil stated the club’s desire to sign him

I have taken action straight away and I am able to inform you that we are interested in Percy Landsberg. I have had a word with Tom van Vollenhoven who more or less repeats all that you have said. He feels that Landsberg would be a success in Rugby League and he also thinks that Percy would be happy in this country and with this club.

Percy had played his club rugby for a team called Nchanga and had enjoyed representative selection for Rhodesia and the Transvaal Under 19s At 5ft 10ins and 11st 5lbs he could play anywhere in the backs. He had good handling skills and could kick goals. Percy made his debut against Liverpool City on 7th November 1959 in the centre, with Jan Prinsloo outside him. Saints won 40-17. He played on eight occasions in the First Team that season, scoring two tries.

Percy took up the full-back position at the start of the 1960-61 campaign and wore the jersey in the Lancashire Cup final against Swinton at Wigan on 29th October, in front of over 31,000 fans. The Saints lifted the Lancashire Cup after an 18-8 success, part of their domination of the competition in the early 1960s. Percy played the following week against Whitehaven at Knowsley Road at full-back and it proved to be the last time he pulled on the First Team strip. There was some sort of disagreement leading to his eventual exit from Knowsley Road, but suffice to say that during his time at St.Helens he proved to be a popular player with the fans and team-mates alike. He returned to South Africa and was for a spell the coach of the National Youth baseball team.


Season (Official Matches)TriesGoalsDGoalsMatches
1959~602 4 0 8
1960~610 7 0 14
TOTALS:2 11 0 22
Season (Other Matches)TriesGoalsDGoalsMatches


7th Nov 1959 W 3 Liverpool City L 1959~60 H 40 17 VIEW
14th Nov 1959 W 3 Dewsbury L 1959~60 A 20 15 1 VIEW
2nd Jan 1960 W 6 Workington Town L 1959~60 A 21 6 VIEW
6th Feb 1960 W 1 Blackpool Borough L 1959~60 A 26 7 4 VIEW
19th Mar 1960 L 1 Halifax L 1959~60 A 15 20 VIEW
2nd Apr 1960 W 3 Swinton L 1959~60 H 46 10 1 VIEW
18th Apr 1960 W 4 Hull L 1959~60 A 10 7 VIEW
26th Apr 1960 W 4 Oldham L 1959~60 A 10 2 VIEW
15th Aug 1960 W 3 Liverpool City L 1960~61 H 17 9 2 VIEW
20th Aug 1960 W 3 Hunslet L 1960~61 H 22 10 1 VIEW
27th Aug 1960 W 1 Widnes LC1 1960~61 A 19 17 VIEW
3rd Sep 1960 L 1 Wakefield Trinity L 1960~61 H 5 18 VIEW
10th Sep 1960 W 1 Leigh L 1960~61 A 28 13 VIEW
17th Sep 1960 W 1 Oldham L 1960~61 H 26 12 VIEW
21st Sep 1960 W 1 Swinton L 1960~61 A 15 7 3 VIEW
26th Sep 1960 W 1 Halifax L 1960~61 H 32 4 1 VIEW
12th Oct 1960 W 1 Australia Tour 1960~61 H 15 12 VIEW
15th Oct 1960 W 1 Blackpool Borough L 1960~61 A 34 13 VIEW
17th Oct 1960 W 1 Leigh LCSF 1960~61 A 15 2 VIEW
22nd Oct 1960 W 1 Wigan L 1960~61 H 11 6 VIEW
29th Oct 1960 W 1 Swinton LCF 1960~61 N 15 9 VIEW
5th Nov 1960 W 1 Whitehaven L 1960~61 H 18 8 VIEW
*Unofficial Match. **Non Playing Sub.