Pat Jarvis


St. George- Aus
01-10-1986 v Wigan
1987- Canterbury Bankstown- Aus
18 (1)


Pat Jarvis by Alex Service

Pat Jarvis was a hard, grafting front-rower who spent all his club football with a variety of Sydney clubs. He began with St.George, where he stayed for six seasons and played 121 matches. In the off-season of 1986-87 he was recruited by the English Saints to add some power and drive to their forward pack. He joined fellow Australians Phil Veivers and ex-Western Suburbs half-back Brett Clark at Knowsley Road. His debut was memorable for Saints fans for the wrong reasons, as the team lost in the Lancashire Cup semi-final at Central Park, with all sorts of problems with the floodlights on the night, coincidentally just when the visitors were on top!
The Saints under Coach Alex Murphy were a fine attacking outfit in 1986-87 and real crowd-pleasers, although they lacked the steel to win a major honour. Pat played his last game for the club in the Challenge Cup quarter final tie against Whitehaven at Knowsley Road, which the Saints won at a canter by 41-10. The team reached Wembley, but lost to an un-fancied Halifax side. By this time, Pat had departed for pastures new at Canterbury Bankstown, where he made just 12 appearances. His next move was to Eastern Suburbs (1988 and 1989), finishing his career with the North Sydney Bears (1990 and 1991) for whom he made 44 appearances.
It was a great pity that Pat and the Saints of 1987 could not have picked up some silverware. He was a typical Aussie prop, who would bash into the defensive line and take no prisoners and a fiery customer too. I remember an A Team game at Knowsley Road where he had a bit of a dust-up with John Pendlebury, which did not end after the pair were sent off. The slight disagreement continued in the Tunnel afterwards, much to the surprise of the match officials!
Pat was good enough to represent New South Wales (8 appearances from 1984-87) and his country (1983). While playing football, Jarvis also served in the New South Wales Police Force and in 2008 he was named as a reserve in a NSW Police team of the century. Today he runs a removal business called Complete Removal Services in Sydney, who as their slogan reminds us have made “more moves than Fred Astaire!”


Season (Official Matches)TriesGoalsDGoalsMatches
1986~87 2 0 0 18
TOTALS:2 0 0 18
Season (Other Matches)TriesGoalsDGoalsMatches


1st Oct 1986 L 10 Wigan LCSF 1986~87 A 16 22 VIEW
5th Oct 1986 W 8 Wakefield Trinity L 1986~87 H 32 11 VIEW
12th Oct 1986 W 8 Barrow L 1986~87 A 34 12 VIEW
17th Oct 1986 W 8 Salford L 1986~87 H 32 14 VIEW
16th Nov 1986 W 10 Oldham L 1986~87 A 18 17 VIEW
23rd Nov 1986 W 10 Hull L 1986~87 H 50 10 1 VIEW
30th Nov 1986 W 10 Whitehaven JP1 1986~87 A 10 8 1 VIEW
6th Dec 1986 W 10 Castleford JP2 1986~87 A 26 22 VIEW
14th Dec 1986 L 10 Warrington JP3 1986~87 H 20 22 VIEW
21st Dec 1986 W 10 Oldham L 1986~87 H 28 6 VIEW
26th Dec 1986 L 10 Wigan L 1986~87 H 4 12 VIEW
1st Jan 1987 L 10 Widnes L 1986~87 A 10 16 VIEW
25th Jan 1987 W 10 Featherstone Rovers L 1986~87 H 43 14 VIEW
5th Feb 1987 W 10 Dewsbury CC1 1986~87 A 48 12 VIEW
8th Feb 1987 W 10 Wakefield Trinity L 1986~87 A 30 6 VIEW
14th Feb 1987 W 10 Oldham CC2 1986~87 A 24 14 VIEW
22nd Feb 1987 W 10 Bradford Northern L 1986~87 H 40 14 VIEW
1st Mar 1987 W 15 Whitehaven CC3 1986~87 H 41 10 VIEW
*Unofficial Match. **Non Playing Sub.