Bob Fraser


Liverpool Stanley
21-11-1936 v Salford
Hull K.R.
8 (0)


Bob Fraser by Alex Service

The Saints seemed to be permanently looking for a full-back in the late 1930s. They signed Rochdale veteran Walter Gowers for a spell and also obtained the services of Bob Fraser, who played against the Saints in the 1930 Challenge Cup final for Widnes.

The St. Helens Newspaper for 20th November 1936 gave details of this latest signing: “Bob Fraser, the former Widnes and Stanley full-back is fit. He is in excellent condition for tomorrow’s match against Salford and should prove a valuable asset to the Saints team. For once, Saints have picked a plum. Here are some very interesting facts about their new signing. Born near Fleetwood, he started his rugby at an early age in the Widnes Schools where his family had moved. On leaving school, he joined a Widnes junior side. It was not long before that local talent spotting club Widnes saw that Fraser was rich in rugby league sense. He was immediately signed on. He gained promise in the first team and incidentally, he played one of his best games in the most important match of his career, at Wembley against the Saints. That memorable occasion which proved so disastrous to the Saints is one of the treasured memories of Bob. Fraser was bound for a long career, but unfortunately he was injured and was unable to secure a place in the side owing to the consistency of Bradley. He was next transferred to the then London Highfield side, where he commanded a regular place in the side. Belshaw has kept him out of the Liverpool Stanley team. Four seasons with Widnes and one with Liverpool Stanley is the record for Fraser. He is at present on trial with the Saints and if he reproduces anything like his own form he will be signed. Fraser is 28 years old.”

His first match against Salford showed him to be a class act. He appeared quite quick and he had excellent hands, even though, according to the St. Helens Newspaper, he tired in the second half. He could not be blamed for the 0-20 reversal, against a talented Salford team. Bob played his last game against Hull KR at Knowsley Road in a 9-2 success on 18th February 1937 and that was that. We do not know why he no longer figured on the team sheet after just 8 games, but it could well have been a result of further injury. Bob was an HGV Driver and in 1939 he was living in Russell Road, Runcorn. He died in February 1987 and his death was registered in Sefton North. If anyone can tell us more information, we would like to hear from you.


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1936~37 0 1 0 8
TOTALS:0 1 0 8
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21st Nov 1936 L 1 Salford L 1936~37 H 0 20 VIEW
28th Nov 1936 L 1 Streatham & Mitcham L 1936~37 A 2 3 1 VIEW
5th Dec 1936 L 1 Rochdale Hornets L AB 1936~37 H 0 4 VIEW
12th Dec 1936 L 1 Hull K.R. L 1936~37 A 13 19 VIEW
19th Dec 1936 W 1 Newcastle L 1936~37 A 15 8 VIEW
25th Dec 1936 W 1 St. Helens Recs L 1936~37 H 4 0 VIEW
6th Feb 1937 L 1 Liverpool Stanley L 1936~37 A 8 21 VIEW
18th Feb 1937 W 1 Hull K.R. L 1936~37 H 9 2 VIEW
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